Belson bio

Dr. Belson has held positions in management and in consulting for over 30 years. He has held management positions with Ernst & Young, IBM and Universal Studios. He is a member of the USC faculty in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Price School. Dr Belson’s business experience includes a start-up business involved in digital media. He has done independent consulting with companies such as Providence HealthCare, Roche Pharmaceutical, and Nissan Automobile Company. He has provided expert testimony involving litigation related to healthcare. Doctor Belson works with many hospitals to improve processes, reduce costs and increase productivity. He has taught Lean methods and performance improvement at over 30 hospitals. In recent years he has worked for the U.S. Veterans Health Administration and the Los Angeles County Department of Healthcare Services. He is currently a contractor for the California Hospital Association and the State of California. Over 10 years ago he organized the Society for Healthcare Professionals (SHIP) which has about 300 members in the Los Angeles area.